Error 0x80300002 while Setup Windows

I got the Error 0x80300002 while Setup Windows 10 – but this can also happen to Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.

It seems as the Error indicates just a general problem with communication to the disk!

Solution: Check the SATA-Cable-Connectivity!

In my Case: the drive was connected, but not correct. i could access the drive, but when i tried to format it, it throws another unknown error-code E55A3AE0. I thought maybe the drive is broken and ran a test, also a smart-test – without any problems!!!! i was also able to wipe some bytes with Gparted etc. but windows-installation fails over and over… so i decided to change the hdd and as i opened the case i could see that the cable was not correctly connected! After i pulled the cable correctly inside the port, everything started to work without any problems!

Hope this helps someone out there! Don’t forget to leave a comment! 🙂

And if this is not the problem in your case, you can check one of the following things aswell:

  • check the harddisk you are installing to, for example using UBCD
  • is your source-media (dvd?) okay, maybe burn again and try again
  • installing Windows 10 from an extern HDD or SSD that is based on a GPT Table, then your BIOS should be set on UEFI and if the media is based on MBR, your BIOS has to be set on Legacy
  • try change your SATA mode from IDE to AHCI
  • delete all partitions that may have been created already and make the disk as an unallocated space, and try again
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You saved my live:)

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