FreePBX Upgrade from 14 to 15

if you just want to see the solution skip following until the headline “final solution”

i tried to upgrade from 14 to 15 with the FreePBX upgrader tool (

tried to do it with

fwconsole versionupgrade

aswell without success.

ran into problems with the framework module:

fwconsole ma install framework
Updating tables admin, ampusers, cronmanager, featurecodes, freepbx_log, freepbx_settings, globals, module_xml, modules, notifications, cron_jobs…Erledigt
PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function writeln() on string in /var/www/html/admin/modules/framework/install.php on line 38
Whoops\Exception\ErrorException: Call to a member function writeln() on string in file /var/www/html/admin/modules/framework/install.php on line 38
Stack trace:

  1. Whoops\Exception\ErrorException->() /var/www/html/admin/modules/framework/install.php:3

so i tried to fix this with:

[root@localhost ~]# yum reinstall freepbx

but ended up with:
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, versionlock
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
Installed package freepbx-14.1-1.sng7.noarch not available.

so i tried the usual install command that failed aswell:

yum install freepbx
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, versionlock
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
Package: freepbx-14.1-1.sng7.x86_64 – can’t co-install with freepbx-14.1-1.sng7.noarch
Nothing to do

i tried to remove freepbx that failed:

[root@localhost ~]# yum remove freepbx
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, versionlock
Resolving Dependencies
–> Running transaction check
—> Package freepbx.noarch 0:14.1-1.sng7 will be erased
–> Processing Dependency: freepbx for package: sangoma-pbx-2012-1.sng7.noarch
–> Running transaction check
—> Package sangoma-pbx.noarch 0:2012-1.sng7 will be erased
–> Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: Trying to remove “sangoma-pbx”, which is protected

deleted the protection with

rm /etc/yum/protected.d/sangoma-pbx.conf


yum remove freepbx


yum install freepbx


fwconsole ma install framework

that should not fail anymore now!

fwconsole ma updateall

should work aswell.

freepbx gui was working then, but could not connect to asterisk.

res_odbc.c: res_odbc: Error SQLConnect=-1 errno=1045 [unixODBC][MySQL][ODBC 5.2(w) Driver]Access denied for use r ‘freepbxuser’@’localhost’

edit /etc/asterisk/modules.conf and comment out

;preload =

create missing file:

touch /etc/asterisk/extconfig_custom.conf
chown asterisk:asterisk extconfig_custom.conf

now after asterisk could be started again i ran


again and “switched” to the already running version 18 again, that re-installed sangoma-pbx-2012-1.sng7.noarch

not sure if this was installed before aswell – but at the end the problem remained.

final solution

soo… i started again with the backup i made at the beginning! if you ran into this situation without a backup, i think youre lost! backup your configuration and start from scratch.

i just followed this guide step by step in the exact same order:

except, that i ran fwconsole chown after installing the version-upgrade-module again, because rights were not fine anymore…
and now the system is up to date with freepbx and running without any problems! this means: while the GUI of the versionupgrade module destroyed my system, the steps described at the commandline worked without any problems!

so my advice to you: never use the GUI for upgrading from 14 to 15! system will probaply “unrepairable” broken afterwards! this happened to me on two different machines! and on both machines the method via commandline worked without any problem! good luck, i hope you have a backup!

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Shahin N
3 Jahre zuvor

Always be sure to have on your local disk Full Backup file before you start upgrade FreePBX 14 to 15. I had same issue. My solution was Installed fresh FreePBX-15 then restored FullBackup from System 14.

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