Google URL Live-Test failed on WordPress

some weeks ago i firstly added some of my websites to the google search console.

for one website i got the message that the URL Live-Test failed. i should try again in some hours again.

i waited some weeks and today i tried again. without success.

after i googled for a solution, added a robots.txt, tried again and again after some speed-optimizations i created a complete empty website for this domain temporarily to check if this works, and yes, it did.

so i switched back to my wordpress website and pressed the restest-button. failed again.

as next logical step i disabled all plugins and tested again. it worked.

then i wanted to enable all plugins step by step to see which plugin causes google LIVE-URL test to fail, i began with the “Elementor”-Plugin, and it failed already, just with this plugin enabled.

as next step i enabled all other plugins. they do not make any problems, but as soon as elementor is enabled the URL Live-Test fails.

As next step i went into my OneTone Theme Onepage with Elementor and switched over to the Revision-Tab in the history and enabled the very first version of the theme and then did the Google LIVE-URL test again, and voila – it worked.

as next step i re-enabled my actual version of my theme and removed all sections of the theme, beside the top. worked.

so after removing different sections i could track down the problem to two sections: the shop-section (content from Music Store – WordPress eCommerce), and the live-section (content from gigpress). i disabled both, but problem persisted. so i deactivated magee shortcodes also and problem was gone.

i enabled gigpress and music store again and problem still didnt come back, so at the end magee shortcodes did cause the problem somehow.

i am not sure if something i dont use right now is not working anymore wihtout it, but as for now i dont see a difference, so i just keep it off and my world is fine now, happy google URL Testing.

hope this helps someone else, if so, leave a comment!

cheers from the webadmin-hell.

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