Windows Server 2022 on AMD Ryzen 5900X with X570 Chipset, Drivers found!

We ordered a AMD Ryzen 5900X and put it on a Asrock Rack X570D4U Mainboard with the AMD X570 chipset and installed Windows Server 2022.

At the beginning we had problems finding drivers for:

  • Vendor ID 1022 (AMD) Device 1485 (Starship/Matisse Reserved SPP)
  • Vendor ID 1022 (AMD) Device 148A (Starship/Matisse PCie Dummy Function)
  • Vendor ID AMDI Device 0030

While the AMD support did not reply anything useful:

Dear Andi, Your service request : SR #{ticketno:[8201146762]} has been reviewed and updated.
Response and Service Request History:
Thank you for your email
I request you to provide exact make and model of your motherboard so that I can assist you better .
Also x570chipset drivers are meant for desktop and hence we do not have chipset driver for windows server 2022 .
Thank you for contacting AMD

…and also the ASRock Rack Support was not very helpful:


…. we just searched by ourself for drivers that may could work with our board, and fortunatelly we found some!

In a disucssion on the AMD community we found following Link:

And indeed, the drivers for the HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen10 Plus did the trick!

Now we can say, we have a fully working Microsoft Windows Server 2022 with a Ryzen 5900X on a Mainboard with an X570 Chipset and everything seems to be fully compatible!


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11 Monate zuvor

Thank you! This works in Server 2022 as well.

11 Monate zuvor

How did you get the display drivers to work? That is my main problem with AMD, their driver installer (made for windows 10 and 11 so it *should* be compatible) is just saying “Error 184 – Not supported operating system”.

10 Monate zuvor

Thank you so much for your help, very very grateful

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