Windows Server 2022 on AMD Ryzen 5900X with X570 Chipset, Drivers found!

We ordered a AMD Ryzen 5900X and put it on a Asrock Rack X570D4U Mainboard with the AMD X570 chipset and installed Windows Server 2022.

At the beginning we had problems finding drivers for:

  • Vendor ID 1022 (AMD) Device 1485 (Starship/Matisse Reserved SPP)
  • Vendor ID 1022 (AMD) Device 148A (Starship/Matisse PCie Dummy Function)
  • Vendor ID AMDI Device 0030

While the AMD support did not reply anything useful:

Dear Andi, Your service request : SR #{ticketno:[8201146762]} has been reviewed and updated.
Response and Service Request History:
Thank you for your email
I request you to provide exact make and model of your motherboard so that I can assist you better .
Also x570chipset drivers are meant for desktop and hence we do not have chipset driver for windows server 2022 .
Thank you for contacting AMD

…and also the ASRock Rack Support was not very helpful:


…. we just searched by ourself for drivers that may could work with our board, and fortunatelly we found some!

In a disucssion on the AMD community we found following Link:

And indeed, the drivers for the HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen10 Plus did the trick!

Now we can say, we have a fully working Microsoft Windows Server 2022 with a Ryzen 5900X on a Mainboard with an X570 Chipset and everything seems to be fully compatible!


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1 Jahr zuvor

Thank you! This works in Server 2022 as well.

1 Jahr zuvor

How did you get the display drivers to work? That is my main problem with AMD, their driver installer (made for windows 10 and 11 so it *should* be compatible) is just saying “Error 184 – Not supported operating system”.

1 Jahr zuvor

Thank you so much for your help, very very grateful

Gustavo Vieira
6 Monate zuvor

Para mim, o driver Microsoft Basic Windows Adapter estava funcionando mas com erro, de maneira que o AnyDesk não funcionava direito. Processador AMD Ryzen 7 5700G e Chipset X570 com Windows Server 2019. Resolvi instalando manualmente o seguinte driver:

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