Linux Debian 9 stucks at 33% while formatting drive (in HyperV VM)

short Answer: use AMD64 instead of i386

Yesterday i ran into the problem that the Linux-Setup hangs at 33% while formatting the drive.

It should be mentioned, that i am using a HyperV VM for this. I retried, i startet googleing what could cause the problem, but didn’t found anything useful beside the fact, that other people had the same problem in the past aswell. I changed the VM config to use a SCSI-Controller. Still same Problem and then… i found the solution:

i deleted the virtual HDD, and recreated it. While recreating i noticed, that i used VHDX in my first setup and was pretty sure, that this would have caused the issue, so i switched over to VHD, but the setup hung again. so i recreated a VHD static (not dynamic), no success.

then i decided to download another copy of debian and choosed the AMD64 netinst instead of the i386 netinst…… and it worked without any problems!

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